Support Indie Artists by Buying CDs or Digital Downloads?

digital-download-vs-cdFinding new music of an indie band can be the greatest feeling in the world. Connecting with people who might live locally or across the world through music is a beautiful thing.

But is it better to support the band by purchasing a self-pressed CD or digital download? Here’s a well-made infographic that breaks down the profit numbers for artists by product.

A well-known trend is that we are embracing the convenience of downloading music. But does it hurt the bands that we love? The numbers say “yes.”

We are better off buying a self-pressed CD or purchasing one at their next gig.

Too cool for CDs? Think of them as vinyls, because they already are… Grab a part of history and embrace the fact that you are helping artists move forward.

Streaming music obviously takes most of their revenue away. Tens of thousands of plays are needed in order for them to gain barely a dime for their efforts.

The alternative is to enjoy the convenience of iTunes or whatever platform you use, and purchase tickets to the band’s next show. You can look at this purchase as helping them recoup sales that they have lost and enjoy them live.

Either way, it’s all about helping your favorite musicians build their business, so they are able to make the music that you love.